University of Bamenda

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Creation : 2010

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  • The University of Bamenda  was created in 2010, following Decree No. 2010/372 of 14 December 2010. The UBda toke over from ENSAB (ENS Annex of Bambili) which was then divided into two professional Teacher Training Schools; Higher Teacher Training College (HTTC), to train teachers of Secondary General Education and Higher Technical Teacher Training College (HTTTC), to train teachers of Secondary Technical Education. 


Période Responsable
2019- Beban Sammy CHUMBOW
2011-2018 Dominique MVOGO


Période Responsable Qualité
2015- Therèse NKUO ép. AKENJI Vice-Chancellor
2011-2015 TAFAH Edward OKI EDOKAT Vice Chancellor

Infrastructures and training

Training offer

Etablissement Localisation Date d'ouvert
Higher Teacher Training College (HTTC)  Bambili 1963
Higher Technical Teacher  Training College (HTTTC)  Bambili 2010
Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics (HITL)   2011
Higher Institute of Commerce and Management (HICM)   2011
College of Technology (COLTECH)   2011
Faculty of Arts (FA)   2011
Faculty of Science (FS)   2011
Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences (FEMS)   2011
Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (FLPS)   2011
Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)  Nkwen-Bamenda 2011
National Higher Polytechnic Institute (NAHPI) Bambili 2017


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Key indicators

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Etudiants Enseignants
14-15 11      
13-14 11      
12-13 11      
11-12 11      
10-11 2      
09-10 2